Medical Insurance Subsidy for Doctoral Students

For the academic year 2017-2018, Rice University will contribute $1,732 toward the cost of annual premiums for students who meet the eligibility requirements for the subsidy.

Student must meet ALL eligibility requirements to receive any of the subsidy:

§  Full time Doctoral student

§  Within first eight years of graduate study at Rice University

§  Enrolled in the Rice medical insurance plan

§  Insurance costs are not covered by a third party, such as an outside fellowship


Full time doctoral students are eligible for the subsidy whether or not they receive other financial support from the university.


For individual coverage the subsidy will be 67.2% of the premium.


Rice will also supplement the subsidy by up to $618 for a spouse and $618 per child. No additional premium is charged if more than two children are covered.


The premium, subsidy, and net cost to qualifying student with the subsidy are:

Coverage period Covered



Net Cost

Annual Student only $2,575
$1,732 $843
Annual Spouse/Domestic partner $2,575 $618 $1,957
Annual One Child * $2,575 $618 $1,957
Fall only Student only $980 $659 $321
Fall only Spouse/Domestic partner $980 $235 $745
Fall only One Child * $980 $235 $745
Spring/summer only Student only $1,595 $1,073 $522
Spring/summer only Spouse/Domestic partner $1,595 $383 $1,212
Spring/summer only One Child * $1,595 $383 $1,212

* Premium is per child; however, no additional premium is charged if more than two children are covered.  The doctoral medical insurance subsidy will be extended to both the first and second children.  

To file any qualifying event, including the birth of a newborn, please email  Both the insurance premium and the subsidy will be prorated by Rice.  

For students who add family coverage the subsidy supplement will be subject to federal taxes. Information regarding taxability will be posted on the Rice student health insurance website.