Letters of Recommendation

Please check your department website for requirements regarding letters of recommendation. 

The following does not apply to MBA or MLS applicants, but applies to all other Rice graduate programs: 

Online letters of recommendation are available within the online application itself.  You must enter a valid email address for your recommender.  An email is generated to your recommender once your application has been submitted and the application fee has been paid.  You can check the status of your online letters of recommendation and resend your request to your recommender by logging back into your application. 

If recommender does not have an email address or wishes to submit the form via a hard copy, please use "noemail@example.com" in the place of your recommender's email.  Letters of recommendation must then be submitted using the .pdf form and mailed directly to the department by your recommender.  A mail stop directory of the graduate programs at Rice is available. 

.pdf Letter of Recommendation forms

Letter of Recommendation form for Shepherd School of Music applicants 
Letter of Recommendation form for all other applicants  

Troubleshooting Letters of Recommendation

Electronic requests for online letters of recommendation will not be sent to your recommenders prior to your application being submitted. 

The most common occurrence for recommenders not receiving their LOR email is the spam filter. Often times, the email gets caught in the recommender's spam filter and they never see it. Applicants are advised to 1) Have the recommender look in their spam folder, 2) Change their spam filter setting, or 3) Have the applicant send the LOR to the recommender's alternate email address.

The second most common occurrence is that applicants put down the wrong email address.  Applicants are advised to verify their recommenders' email addresses prior to submitting their application. 

Requests for Letters of Recommendation can be managed by logging back into your application after the application has been certified and submitted.