How to create a .pdf

The University's graduate application and thesis submission portal require that supplemental documents be submitted in a portable document format (.pdf).  This is an open standard for document exchange developed by Adobe Systems. 

Students creating a .pdf of their thesis or dissertation may wish to consider the long term printability of their thesis.  These students may wish to save their file with .pdf/a or .pdf/x attributes so that their fonts (a) and graphic arts (x) are preserved for future users of your thesis. 

If your word processing program does not support direct .pdf printing, there are many options available to convert a document to .pdf format.  Users concerned with the security of their documents may wish to avoid using online tools to create their .pdf. 

CutePDF printer driver 

  • A printer driver will convert most printable file formats.

PDFOnline converter

All enrolled Rice students are welcome to visit the DMC for assistance in .pdf creation.