Thesis Submission Instructions

Please follow the directions below to submit your thesis.   

  • Review the Thesis Defense and Submission Guide for step-by-step instructions and screenshots on the thesis defense and submission process.
  • If you are ready to submit your thesis within a week of your defense, you may complete all of the steps at once.  If you choose to do this, you'll need to include all of your supplementary documents in described in Part 2, Step 5.  Do not press "submit" until you have completed both sets of instructions.  
  • Please contact us if you have trouble using your netID and password to get into the site.   
  • Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer common questions. 

NOTICE: The deadline for thesis submission for December 2018 degree conferral is NOON on Friday, November 30, 2018. 


PART 1: Within a week of your defense

STEP 1: Login to

  • Open in your web browser.
  • Start your submission by clicking "Start your submission."
  • Log on with your Rice NetID and password.  
  • Follow the instructions on the site, using the guides or yellow "sticky notes" for assistance.  

STEP 2: Verify your information.     

STEP 3: Read the License and UMI Publication Agreements and assent to the terms of the agreement by checking the appropriate boxes.

STEP 4: Provide information about your thesis and committee.

  • Enter your thesis title, graduation date, abstract, and keywords. The information entered here should match the information in your document.
  • Supply the names of your committee members.

STEP 5: Upload your signed Original Approval of Candidacy form and defended version of your thesis. 

  • Upload the defended copy of your thesis as your primary document. 
  • Indicate on your Original Approval of Candidacy your intentions to register for the next semester or not.  
  • Upload a scanned copy of your signed Original Approval of Candidacy as an administrative file.
  • OPTIONAL IMMEDIATELY AFTER DEFENSE: Go ahead and upload your administrative and supplemental files at this time.  These must be uploaded before you submit your final thesis to GPS.

STEP 6: Confirm that your information is correct and click the "Confirm and Submit" button. 

  • Your initial submission is NOT FINAL. Your submission will be sent to GPS for an initial review.  You will still be able to edit your submission, thesis, and uploaded following the GPS review, typically within two business days.  

Notes after your defense 

  • Once GPS acknowledges your defense, your status will be changed to "Defended, Not Final."  
  • Please review the thesis format guidelines if you have not already done so prior to submitting the final copy of your thesis.  Once you submit a final copy of your thesis and deliver your original signatures to the GPS office, you will not be permitted to alter your thesis.  Please make all corrections prior to submitting your thesis. 
  • Within six months of your defense you must upload and submit the final copy of your thesis and all supplemental documents. 

PART 2: Thesis changes made, ready to submit

STEP 1: Prepare Files for Upload.

STEP 2: Login to

  • Open in your web browser.
  • Select "Start your submission."  
  • Login with your Rice NetID and password.
  • If you have already started a submission previously, select the action "Edit" or "Continue" to continue a previous submission.  Otherwise select "Start a new submission."

STEP 3: View your application.

  • If any of the information is incorrect or needs to be updated, email

STEP 4: Upload the FINAL version of your thesis.

  • Upload defended and corrected copy of your thesis as your primary document. This action will archive the defended version.
  • You must include your *signed* title page as the first page of your final version of your thesis.  For assistance combining the signed and scanned title page to the .pdf of your thesis, please see this site or contact the Digital Media Center.

STEP 5: Upload your administrative and supplemental files. 

  • Upload the following required documents as ADMINISTRATIVE FILES:
    • Your signed Original Approval of Candidacy
    • Survey of Earned Doctorates Certificate [DOCTORAL ONLY]
    • PLEASE NOTE, AS OF JANUARY 2, 2018 the Thesis Submission Process Fee has been eliminated and the scanned copy of the ProQuest agreement form is no longer required.  
  • SUPPLEMENTAL FILES are optional and may include non-.pdf materials that complement your thesis.

OPTIONAL STEP: Send a message.

  • Add a note here if there have been any changes in your thesis submission data.

STEP 6: Once your corrections are complete and all files are uploaded, click the "Complete Corrections" button.

FINAL STEP: Turn in the following documents to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office

  • Bring the following documents to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office during open thesis submission hours:
    • Original signed Approval of Candidacy form
    • Two signed, original copies of your thesis' title pages, printed on regular printer paper or better

Once GPS acknowledges your final thesis submission, your status will be changed to "Thesis Submission Complete."