Wagoner Foreign Study Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: February 19, 2019

James T. Wagoner '29 loved to travel, and he loved Rice, so he made provisions that after his death a study-abroad scholarship for students and alumni would be established in memory of his late wife and parents. 

The Wagoner Foreign Study Scholarship provides students and alumni the opportunity to conduct research abroad for a minimum of eight weeks to one year. A research project may be combined simultaneously with the advanced study of a language (400 level or above); or an introductory level of languages not offered at Rice.  Funding is available up to $15,000 per award (students receiving multiple Wagoner awards may not exceed $15,000 in awards while a graduate student at Rice).  

Eligibility: All Rice graduate students and graduate alumni participating in research are encouraged to apply.  Awardees must be in good standing with the University as well as their department.  

Undergraduate students and undergraduate alums, please visit this page regarding the Wagoner Fellowship application for undergraduates.  

The online application is available here.  Application elements and instructions can be found below.  If you have further questions after reviewing the instructions, you may email graduate@rice.edu.  

1) Wagoner Agreement Form

Read and review the agreement form

2) Project Narrative

No more than 4 (four) single-spaced pages, 12-point font, 1" margins. Additional pages may be included for bibliography/appendices. The proposal narrative should address the following and be written for a broad audience of faculty members outside of your field:

        • Concisely describe the purpose of the travel/research that you will be undertaking while abroad.
        • Justify the need for foreign travel/study in order to carry out this work.
        • Explain, specifically, how this project will impact your graduate studies at Rice, the quality of your thesis/dissertation, and your time to degree,. (Or, in the case of an alum, justify this in terms of your career trajectory.) 

3) Budget, signed by both you and either the department chair or the director of graduate study

Include a budget proposal (1-2 pages), prepared in consultation with, and signed by either your department chair or the director of graduate study.

Format the budget expenditures as a table.

        • Include all travel expenses such as international airfare, transportation costs, and baggage fees.
        • Below the budget table, include a justification/explanation for each line item.
        • If you are applying for living expenses, please clearly explain how these are different from what you would normally incur while in residence in Houston and apply only for the additional costs incured by the travel.  
        • If you are applying for other accommodations (such as hotel stays, temporary rentals, guest housing, university accommodations, etc.) explain why this particular choice of accommodations is the most efficient/economical/safe given your project and the circumstances of your research and travel.
        • Consult the Wagoner Agreement Form for allowable expenditures, and do not include items in your budget that are disallowed.
        • Below the budget justification, include a table showing the source and amount of any Rice-internal funding you will be receiving during the period of the proposed project (including graduate stipends), any extramural funding you will be receiving for this project, and any sources of extramural funding for which you are applying but have not yet received funding.
        • Meet with your advisor to review and discuss your budget before obtaining the signature of the department's chair or director of grad studies.
          Note: At its discretion, The committee reviewing your application may choose to adjust specific items on your budget. 

4) Letter of Affiliation/Invitation

A letter of affiliation/invitation from your host institution. Or, a brief statement from you explaining if such a letter is unnecessary.

5) A copy of your current c.v.

6) One letter of recommendation (submitted separately by faculty member)

Your application must include a letter of recommendation from your advisor (or from a Rice faculty member with whom you are working). The letter should be sent to both graduate@rice.edu and to klg1@rice.edu by the application deadline. Recommendation letters should discuss the following:

        • The intellectual merits of the proposed project. 
        • The student's preparation for foreign study/research. 
        • The student's ability to carry out the proposed project within the given time period. 
        • The potential impact of this project on the student's thesis/dissertation and career trajectory. 
        • The reasonableness of the proposed budget.  

Post-Award Information

Wagoner Awardees, upload your mid-year and final reports here.