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The decision to apply to graduate school is a big one - congratulations on taking the first step and doing your research into the programs you are interested in! A graduate degree will further your education and your experience. Depending on the degree program, you could be headed for a career in academia, industry or government!

Pursuing and earning a master's degree or graduate certificate will prove your mastery of a specific subject and can help you further your career goals in as little as 1-2 years. Pursuing a Ph.D. or DMA demonstrates a level of expertise to the point you'll be generating new knowledge for the world, and will be the worldwide authority of a subject.

At Rice University, admissions are handled at the program level. Your admissions committee is comprised of faculty who will evaluate your application; when you begin to prepare your materials it's helpful to think of them as individuals who want to know you and what your goals are.

In admissions, we take a holistic approach to reviewing applications. This process ensures each application is reviewed in the context of a student's academic background, their personal life experience, and their goals for the future. We value the breadth of gender, socioeconomic, cultural, geographic, racial or ethnic, educational and other perspectives that each student brings to the table.

The following pages in this section will help you prepare your application; additionally, we encourage you to read our Grad Student Blog here.

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Updated November 2023