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Before you Arrive

Activate your NetID, ESTHER account, and Rice email, and enroll in Duo.


ESTHER is the web application for students, faculty, and staff that allows you to access your academic records, course schedules, register for classes, pay bills, view financial aid, address and contact updates, and other tools.

You should receive an email from that contains your ESTHER login and Rice Email information to the email address given on your application.

Use your student ID number and the unique link in the email to set up your ESTHER account and NetID. This link may only be used once, so be certain to remember your ESTHER pin after it has been reset.

In ESTHER, update your address and emergency contact information and affirm the Honor Code and Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Upload your name pronunciation on ESTHER! Click on "NameCoach Recording" and submit an audio recording of your name. This recording can be used to assist your instructors and others at Rice.

If you have not received information regarding your ESTHER login by early June, please contact your graduate program administrator for assistance. Students who are not new to Rice should continue to use their existing credentials and may not receive new login information.


Your Rice NetID is a unique login credential for each Rice student, faculty, or staff member. It will allow you access to many university systems. More on the NetID can be found here.

To activate your NetID, navigate to the Online Account Management Page. Take note of your NetID, which is your unique login credential for Rice resources.


Your Rice Email is your official means of communication with the university. Email for graduate students is managed through Rice Google Mail. Set up Rice Google Apps like Calendar and Drive. Visit Getting Started in IT for how-to instructions.

Read all emails from your graduate coordinator and regularly. You can review all Grad Student Digest Newsletters here.

Duo two-factor authentication

Duo is a tool used to improve access security by using two-factor authentication. Individuals are required to verify their identity by sharing something they know (i.e. userid and password) along with something they have (i.e. a smartphone app). This type of authentication protects Rice systems against cyber attacks.

Visit the instructions here to enroll in Duo.

Complete health-related details necessary to facilitate your arrival.

Rice COVID Policies

Familiarize yourself with campus COVID policies. All information regarding campus COVID policies and testing can be accessed at Updates will be posted as information becomes available.

Student Health Forms & Physical Exam

All new, full-time graduate students are required to submit a Health Data Form (HDF) to Student Health before they matriculate and by the deadline (July 1 for fall matriculants, December 1 for spring matriculants). If you are coming as an early matriculate, your HDF must be turned in prior to your arrival.

A physical exam is required. If you have not had a physical exam within the last year, see your physician for your required physical, vaccinations and tuberculosis screening. Please have your physician complete and sign the Health Data Form (HDF), and upload it to the Health Services website. Keep a copy for your records.

Please be advised that new students under the age of 22 will need to show proof of a meningitis vaccination ten days before the semester starts.

Student Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance coverage. You must register for or waive Rice Student Health Insurance by the deadline for fall matriculants. If you currently have health insurance with another plan, you may waive Rice student insurance by demonstrating comparable insurance coverage. Please, review the waiver requirements.

Dates for Open Enrollment for Rice Student Health Insurance can be found here. To register for or waive Rice Health Insurance, log on to You will need your Rice student ID number to complete the process.

Complete all required online trainings and submit your final transcripts.


Information on all required trainings can be found here. It is recommended that these trainings be completed prior to arrival, if possible, but by the deadline at the latest (October 1 for fall matriculants, February 15 for spring matriculants).

Students will not be able to register for a second semester until these trainings have been completed. Late registration fees will not be waived, please plan ahead.

Submit your final transcripts

After your most recent degree is conferred, request your previous institution to send an official transcript showing degree conferred directly to your department coordinator by the deadline (October 1 for fall matriculants, February 15 for spring matriculants).

You will not be able to register for a second semester until your previous degree is verified. Late registration fees will not be waived, please plan ahead.

Plan for the rest of your orientation.


Review the checklist for new students available here. Add key dates and tasks to your calendar and to-do lists.

Updated November 2023