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By Daziyah Sullivan: You know who you want to request a letter of rec from, but it’s the asking that’s the stressor now. Have no fear, that’s what this blog is about!

5th year graduate student Emily Elia shares some advice for conducting dissertation fieldwork during grad school

By Robin Mo: a Ph.D. is more than just research

By Fariha Ahmad: Balancing rotations, classes, and a work-life balance can sound difficult... here is whats in store and how to manage it.

Durán-Chaves shares her interest, experience, and advice to prospective graduate students

Morales-Calva shares her interest, experience, and advice to prospective graduate students

Elia shares her interest, experience, and advice to prospective graduate students

Nnorom shares her interest, experience, and advice to prospective graduate students

Umezaki shares her interest, experience, and advice to prospective graduate students

Chao shares his interest, experience, and advice to prospective graduate students

EducationUSA makes it easier to connect to Rice University, explore graduate opportunities and application process

Njideka Nnorom (Syndi) is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering program at Rice University.

By Alejandra Osejo Varona - Graduate Student -Ph.D. Anthropology

By Carly Graverson: Activity improves physical, emotional, and mental health during grad school!

By Daziyah Sullivan: You have so many accomplishments, big and small. Everything about you has led you here.

By Ivan Rosa de Siqueira: The concept of a “good” paper is obviously variable, yet, scientific writing overall relies on a number of common, basic roots.

By Ying Chen: Undergrad research experience gave me the confidence to apply for graduate school!

By Utana Umezaki: Rice is always welcoming international students and has many cultural events/communities that you can be part of!

Monday, Sep. 5, 2022

Managing Time Without Classes

By Emily Elia: Imposing structure onto your schedule is one way to bring more organization back into your life.

By Daziyah Sullivan: So, you’re interested in finding a university, but how do you find out what it’s like to actually be a student at that university?

Johanna Castellanos of Colombia and Ekaterina Trimbach of Russia share their experience with Rice's unique culture.

By Daziyah Sullivan: So, you're interviewing with advisors? Why not try to be yourself? Daziyah shares her advice to students looking to leave a lasting impression.

Natsumi Komatsu, graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering shares her advice to Japanese students planning on pursuing a graduate degree in the United States!

By Ivan Rosa de Siqueira: Learn more about this important component of grad school applications and how you can write an effective SOP!

What should you be doing after accepting a grad school offer? Walk through the Rice process with us!

Nearly 450 guests and 10 departments participated in GPS' annual recruiting event.

By Dan Gorczynski. Loosen that tie, grab a cold drink and get ready to learn all about Rice's own grad student bar, Valhalla!

By Emily Elia: Tips on how your grad school expectations may change once you're in the thick of things!

By Emily Elia: Make the most of virtual events in order to develop research and your professional networks!

By Emily Elia: Here are some common things you may experience during your first year of graduate school.

By Emily Elia: Visiting weekends are a great opportunity to get a feel for the culture of a graduate program.

By Emily Elia: You can develop your research interests as you navigate grad school.

By Emily Elia: To prepare for your first year, it's worth it to focus on the logistical aspect of this new life change.

Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022

Grad School 101: Finding an adviser

By Emily Elia: Finding an adviser that is a good match can have a huge influence on your graduate school experience.

By Jennifer Hunter. Graduate student Clara Saitkoulov describes the coincidences that led her to the Shepherd School of Music, and the opportunities she has had during her studies.

Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022

Know Your Wellbeing Resources

By Daziyah Sullivan, Wellbeing Director for Rice’s Graduate Student Association.

By Emily Elia: Tips to help make your personal statement as strong as possible!

Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022

Getting involved in Grad School

By Daziyah Sullivan. In graduate school, a strong community and the freedom to pursue your passions are essential to academic success. Read on for Daziyah’s tips to have a fulfilling grad school experience!

Monday, Dec. 20, 2021

Making the switch from MSI to PWI

Current grad student Daziyah Sullivan discusses her experience in switching from a Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) to a predominately White Institution (PWI), and shares her advice for students considering the same.

Jauhara Ferguson found that research can have a big impact on the wellbeing of people around the world.

Applications are now open. GCURS is open to scholars from around the world and will be held in a hybrid format due to the ongoing pandemic.

By Emily Elia: Words of wisdom about how to stay productive when your work schedule is self-directed.

By Marc-Ansy Laguerre: Advice for Prospective International Graduate Students planning to study in the U.S.

Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020

Rice Bytes - just push play!

Help bring some bite-sized samples of Rice to the masses!

By Emily Elia: How do you make sure you’re on top of new studies? Where do you even begin? Read on for some tips on how to stay current with new research during your time in grad school.

By Santiago Lopez: The standardized tests are without a doubt one of the most stressful parts of applying to Fulbright, and ultimately, to grad school in the U.S.

By Emily Elia: The internet and social media can be powerful tools when it comes to establishing yourself as a scholar, networking, and promoting your research.

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020

Feeling at home in the U.S.

By Rosa Guerra Resendez: As an international student, coping with homesickness can be tough. Rosa shares her insights on how to feel more at home in the U.S.