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At Rice University, you will find a wide range of views and perspectives. We are a community that embraces a breadth of knowledge, thought, perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.

Two students run an experiment in the lab, two African-American students at Culture Night, a woman at doctoral convocation wearing a head covering

We treat all members of our community — of every race, nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality and ability — with respect and appreciation. This includes those with whom we have deep disagreements, recognizing that freedom of inquiry and expression are the foundation of our enterprise. Problems are better solved and innovations are more creative when we infuse the learning and research environment with scholars, students and staff who represent a wide range of life experiences and perspectives across all disciplines.

In admissions, we take a holistic approach to reviewing applications. This process ensures each application is reviewed in the context of a student's academic background as well as their personal life experience. We value the breadth of gender, socioeconomic, cultural, geographic, racial or ethnic, educational and other perspectives that each student brings to the table.

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