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Why get a Ph.D.?

Why get a Doctor of Philosophy? By pursuing and obtaining a Ph.D., you'll be able to explore a variety of interesting and challenging problems facing humanity. You'll become an expert in your field - and that expertise is in demand. With a Ph.D., you'll be in control of your own destiny, armed with a degree that will allow you to succeed in high-level positions in virtually every career path, be it academia, industry, government or elsewhere, while pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

Qualified doctoral students often receive departmental stipends of, on average, $32,000-$40,000 per year to cover living expenses. That means you can earn your Ph.D. and get paid for it!

Still wondering why you should you get a Ph.D.? Let Rice Professor C. Fred Higgs tell you in the video below, or read our graduate student blog to get a student perspective on pursuing the Ph.D.!