Postdoctorates | Overview

Postdoctoral positions at Rice

Thank you for your interest in working and doing research at Rice University! At Rice, postdoctoral researchers are hired the same way staff are hired. Postdocs have the same employment benefits, including tuition and retirement benefits, healthcare and paid time-off.* Current postdoctoral research positions are listed on our Human Resources website. In addition to browsing open positions, we encourage you to read the latest research being done at Rice and reach out to faculty whose work interests you. Read more about current research at Rice.

Rice Academy of Fellows

The Rice Academy of Fellows is a two-year postdoctoral fellowship open to exceptional scholars who have recently earned the doctoral degree in any area, including medicine, and who want to pursue research with faculty at Rice University. Applications are particularly welcome from those who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship. The standard Rice Academy stipend is $60,000, with some departments augmenting. Rice Academy fellows are also appointed to a concurrent complementary non-tenure track faculty position. Read more about the Rice Academy of Fellows.

*full policies on postdoctoral appointments can be found here.

Applications Now Open: Rice Academy of Fellows

As part of a recently launched $150 million investment in research initiatives, Rice University is pleased to announce and invite applications for the Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellows Program. With the 2023-2025 cohort, the Rice Academy will be open to all research fields and areas of study. Applications are particularly welcome from those who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship. Individuals selected as Fellows will join the Rice University Academy of Fellows, a community of scholars that includes senior members of the Rice faculty. Additionally, the Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship offers:

- a postdoctoral position
- a mentored relationship with a discipline-related faculty member;
- collaborative relationships with an academy of distinguished faculty fellows who have extraordinarily diverse interests and expertise relevant to scholarship on health, inequality, and data science;
- regular opportunities for intellectual exploration with the Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellow community;
- programmatic activities to promote professional development, including a focused plan to pursue the K99 award and other relevant early career awards;
- substantial campus-wide resources in expertise and instrumentation;
- a $60,000 salary with benefits.

The standard stipend for a Rice Academy Junior Fellow is $60,000. National standard stipends in a few research areas are above that level, and those departments may augment the stipend.

Academy Junior Fellows will also be provided with a one-time $5,000 research fund and access to university resources.

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