Graduate Student Ambassadors

Wondering what life is like at Rice? Have a question about doctoral programs? Reach out to one of our student ambassadors! And make sure to check out our grad student blog here.

Elsa Acosta de Anda, Rice University
Elsa Acosta de Anda

Home Country: Mexico | Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Maria Astrid Campos Mata, Rice University
Astrid Campos Mata

Home Country: Mexico | Program: Materials Science and NanoEngineering

Ilenne D. Del Valle
Ilenne Del Valle

Home Country: Chile | Programs: Systems, Synthetic & Physical Biology/Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Michelle Duran Chaves, Rice University
Michelle Duran Chaves

Home Country: Costa Rica | Program: Chemistry

Emily Elia, Rice University graduate student
Emily Elia

Home Country: USA | Program: Political Science

Victoria Granja
Victoria Granja

Home Country: Ecuador | Program: Mechanical Engineering

Rosa Selenia Guerra Resendez of Rice University
Rosa Selenia Guerra Resendez

Home Country: Mexico | Program: Systems, Synthetic & Physical Biology

Santiago Lopez Alvarez
Santiago Lopez Alvarez

Home Country: Colombia | Program: Political Science

Ivan Rosa de Siqueira, Rice University ambassador graduate student Ph.D.
Ivan Rosa de Siqueira

Home Country: Brazil | Program: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering