Onyekachi Idigo, Graduate Student Ambassador at Rice University

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Onyekachi (She/Her) is a second year PhD student in the Biosciences department, whose research focuses on the development of the Enteric Nervous system using Zebrafish as a model in Dr. Rosa Uribe's lab. She received her BS degree in Biochemistry from Babcock university Nigeria and her MS in Biological sciences from Louisiana Tech University in the United States.

Onyekachi loves teaching and mentoring and in her spare time, she loves to binge watch on great shows on Netflix and hang out with her friends.

Why I decided to go to grad school:

I love to research, teach and mentor so getting a PhD degree will help me achieve my dreams.

Fun fact about me:

I am a fragrance/perfume collector and have over 40 full-sized fragrances in my possession.

Favorite thing about Rice:

The beautiful campus and the people.

Favorite thing about Houston:

The diversity of the city and to some extent the weather.