Programs of Study

At Rice, graduate study is offered in two broad categories:

  1. Research-based programs leading to the M.A., M.S., and various doctoral degrees,
  2. Professional master's programs which provide advanced course work and lead to degrees in specific disciplines.

Research-based degrees will transform a student to be expert in their field; qualified doctoral applicants often receive tuition support and a stipend to support cost of living. Professional master’s degrees offer exceptional training and propel students to the next level of their careers.

Use the links below to find information on specific programs. A full chart of degree programs is found in the General Announcements. Graduate programs at Rice usually require full-time study, however, many professional master's programs can be completed on a part-time basis. Check with your department of interest for specifics, including application deadlines.

The pandemic has made it difficult for some students to take the GRE. Rice Graduate Studies is not requiring the GRE for 2023, but will provide students with the option of submitting those scores. However, the following individual Rice degree programs will recommend, strongly recommend, or require the general GRE for 2023 admission:

  • General GRE is recommended but not required: Ph.D. in Political Science; Master's in Material Science and NanoEngineering; Ph.D. in Materials Science and NanoEngineering
  • General GRE is strongly recommended but not required: Master's in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering; Master's in Architecture; Master's in Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Please check in with your program of application on all individual requirements.

Graduate programs in the Jones School of Business generally require some standardized testing, such as GMAT, Executive Assessment or the GRE. Waivers may be available for those with appropriate qualifications as described at the Jones School’s application site.

For 2023, Rice is also waiving doctoral application fee waivers for students graduating from institutions in Texas or bordering states, or for students who reside in those states. This excludes programs in the Jones School of Business.