Bridgitt Dickey

WEBSITE(S)| Enrollment and Graduation Processes (staff)

Bridgitt has been with Rice for 22 years and has 20 years of experience working with graduate students and graduate programs. Primary responsibilities include monitoring student academic progress in 45 graduate programs, approval of candidacy petitions as the Dean’s designee, interim degree approval through Degree Works and other processes, preparation of and reviewing with the Dean petitions for exceptions to academic policies, and data entry of academic milestones and exceptions into the students’ permanent records in Banner. For guidance through these processes, please see the Admin Guide, Checklist for New Admins, and archive of the Grad Admin Newsletter.

Due to COVID-19, additional responsibilities include routing thesis defense and thesis submission documents through Adobe Sign.

Bridgitt’s favorite pastimes are reading and traveling. Her bucket list trip is to the UK, where she plans to stand inside Stonehenge at sunrise or sunset, do family history research in Dublin, and search for Hogwarts in Scotland. Stop by the office on Halloween, and you’ll likely find Bridgitt in costume. Her past incarnations have been Sammie the Owl, Little Red Riding Hood, a She-Devil, Miss Piggy, and an Elf Princess.