Kim Gonzalez Hohlt

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Dr. Kim Gonzalez Hohlt is a native Texan and earned her Ph.D. from Rice University's Biochemistry and Cell Biology program. She was advised by Dr. Bonnie Bartel and used genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry to decipher the roles of key peroxins in peroxisomal functioning in Arabidopsis. Prior to attending grad school at Rice, she graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Genetics from Texas A&M University. Whoop!

During her postdoc at Stanford, Kim realized her passion for encouraging graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to explore the many career options available to them and proving career development during graduate school. As a Rice student, Kim was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and now she provides fellowship application coaching to graduate students and postdocs. She also runs graduate student orientation, and is the convener of the Rice University Academy of Fellows.

When Kim isn't on campus you can bet she's at a sports stadium or watching the game on tv. If you ever want to chat about Saturday Night Live, she's your girl. She loves dogs and is looking forward to adopting a little rescue dog!