Pay Information for Graduate Students

Graduate stipends are distributed semi-monthly through the Rice payroll system. For payroll purposes, the fall semester begins on August 16th, first payday on August 30th; the spring semester begins on January 1st, first payday on January 15th. The last paycheck for the spring semester is issued on May 15th.

IF you will be receiving a stipend through your department, these must be completed in order for your check to be released on the appropriate payday:

  1. You must complete your I-9, presenting original documents to the Payroll Office. 
    • Fellowship recipients are not considered employees; therefore, the I-9 requirement does not apply to them. These individuals will only complete I-9 after they receive an offer letter regarding a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant position.
    • Click here for I-9 Student Guidelines
    • Click here for I-9 form
  2. You must be registered full-time (at least 9 hours in fall/spring; 6 hours in summer) for the current semester in which you are receiving a student stipend. Registration must be completed for the term at least 10 days prior to the Pay Date. This allows enough time for Payroll to process your pay check.
  3. If you have not submitted to Payroll a W-4 tax form, you will still receive pay, but taxes will be withheld at the highest rate.
    Link to W-4 form:
  4. Your department must have submitted your payroll authorization form by the payroll deadline.

Graduate stipends are paid on the GR payroll.

When you arrive on campus, you will be able to sign up for direct deposit of your paychecks and suppression of paper check stubs by submitting this form. Please note that you must attach a voided check from your checking account to this form.

For specific questions about your stipend not answered here, please contact your department graduate coordinator.