Marc-Ansy Laguerre Rice University Fulbright doctoral student

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Marc-Ansy Laguerre is a PhD student in civil engineering at Rice University who enjoys his time as international student in the US and feels very welcomed at Rice. His research focuses on seismic retrofit of low-rise reinforced concrete buildings. Marc-Ansy is also pursuing a certificate in teaching excellence at the Center for Teaching Excellence at Rice. Before joining Rice, Marc-Ansy was a Fulbright scholar and obtained a master’s degree in civil engineering and a graduate certificate in Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to that, Marc-Ansy obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the State University of Haiti. After completing his studies at Rice, Marc-Ansy aspires to work in education and in earthquake mitigation.

Marc-Ansy is dedicated to mitigating earthquake hazards in Haiti. He created in 2018 a platform called “Génie 360” on Facebook and Youtube in which he publishes videos to explain civil engineering concepts and mathematics. During his spare time, Marc-Ansy enjoys reading on effective teaching methodology and on Haiti's history.