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Policy 502 Graduate Student Appointments and Financial Award

Policy 502

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Exception Requests

For cases where a student's positions will overlap (the new position is created just before the other is terminated), please make note of this when requesting the second assignment to prevent processing delays.

To hire a student in dual concurrent appointment types - as a Fellow and GA concurrently, the arrangement must first be validated by the School Dean's Office as well as approved by the Office Of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The approval workflow can be found in Adobe Sign as "GPS - Dual Assignment Type Exception Request for Policy 502." After approval, the .pdf document must be uploaded along with the "Add Appointment" action in it. This helps ensure compliance with Policy 502, IRS regulations, and the Department of Labor.

Please keep in mind:

Schools may choose to hold themselves harmless for tuition remission on local funds. There is no additional cost to appointing a student as a GA rather than a fellow.
In addition to compliance with the IRS and the Department of Labor, appointing the students under one assignment and managing costs with the LD reduces confusion, reduces the risk of chances of under or overpayment, and is anticipated to reduce HCMI workload.

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