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Medical Readmission Petition Requirements

Your time away should be used to address your wellbeing. You are encouraged to take proactive steps to reflect on your goals and what you will put in place to manage the academic, social, personal and other rigors you will experience at Rice. In planning your return with your treating professional(s) and your family, it is recommended that you honestly evaluate your readiness to take care of yourself and function in the rigorous Rice environment. We look forward to your return to Rice.

  1. Provide documentation in a letter to the Dean of Graduate Studies as to why you feel you are ready to return to the University, actions you have taken in the interim that could support your return, demonstration of 6 months of medical stability since withdrawal (example: making progress in regular therapeutic treatment and being employed or taking courses at another campus or involvement in a volunteer activity). You should state your plans for follow up treatment in Houston. You must also address how you will manage challenges that arise, how you will recognize if problems are reoccurring and what you will do to address those issues and your overall plan for success when you return to Rice. Please also provide your current contact information including: mailing address, e-mail address and phone number.
  2. If your medical withdrawal was for mental health treatment, you must seek appropriate and regular mental health treatment during your time away and follow any expectations regarding treatment or assessment stated in the withdrawal or leave letter. Provide each of your treating professionals with the “Treating Professionals Form” available through your ester account and have them respond to the questions on their letterhead. It is your responsibility to ensure your treating professional submits their paperwork.
  3. Provide signed “release of information” forms for the Student Wellbeing Office, the Rice Counseling Center and the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. You can submit the forms with your readmission petition. When you submit the form, please include a copy of a valid photo identification card.
  4. Provide an academic plan devised in consultation with you advisor/advising committee and approved by the department chair. Department chair’s approval must be in writing.

All documents must be received by the petition deadline, June 1 (Fall) or Nov 1 (Spring). Documents should be submitted to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. During the petition review other documentation may be requested as needed.

Other readmission procedures: If you were separated from Rice through procedures in addition to the medical withdrawal, such as disciplinary suspension, you need to participate in the other process as well. Medical readmission will be considered concurrently with the other processes. Please contact the appropriate offices about any additional readmission protocols.