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Medical Withdrawal/Leave Checklist

We are committed to students’ long-term success and to seeing they thrive during their Rice experience. Part of that commitment means that Rice supports students who decide they need to leave the university for a period of time to address their wellbeing.

Rice wishes you success in addressing your wellbeing and any challenges you are facing. We support your decision to take time off to take care of yourself and prepare yourself for a successful return. We look forward to your return to Rice in the future. Please contact us if you have questions.

Withdrawal/Leave checklist

  • Notify the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of your request to withdraw by completing the Withdrawal from Rice Form. If you live in graduate student housing, contact the appropriate apartment staff to determine the checkout process. The checkout process includes returning all keys, vacating your apartment, forwarding your mail, and any other steps required by Rice Graduate Housing.

  • If you need assistance understanding your diagnosis or obtaining referrals, please call the Rice Counseling Center or Rice may request that you schedule an exit interview with the RCC staff. This interview can be conducted in person or via telephone. Please call them to schedule an interview.

  • Please provide us with an alternate email, in addition to your Rice email address, so we can communicate with you during your time away from the university.

  • Get in touch with your Rice financial aid advisor or fellowship sponsor about questions related to financial aid and/or fellowships (contact information below).

  • If you or your treating professional(s) have questions, please contact Student Wellbeing. When you begin treatment, please sign the Consent for Release of Personal Records form and return it to the Student Wellbeing Office. If you are unable to meet in person with a Rice staff member when you sign this form, please fax: 713-348-2460 a copy of a valid photo identification card, such as a driver’s license, and a signed and dated statement giving the office permission tospeak with on the matter in question. This form can be found here. After you sign and return the form, please ask your treating professional(s) to call Student Wellbeing: 713-348-3311.

  • Share this checklist, the Treating Professionals Form and the letter from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies with your treating professionals and with your family at the beginning of your leave. Using the Rice Student Expectations document as a guide may be a helpful way to frame your conversations with your family and treating professionals. The document will explain what the university will expect when you come back to campus and it can help inform your preparation for a successful return.

  • Follow any other steps or requirements as indicated in the withdrawal/leave letter. If you have questions, please contact the Student Wellbeing Office.