GPS Pathways | Mentors

The GPS Pathways Program is driven by our GPS Pathways Mentors. This senior group of graduate students meets regularly with Pathways Scholars in small groups, acts as a resource for all Scholars, and plan and execute various professional development and social activities.

The GPS Pathways Mentors also act as an advisory board to our leadership team in the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

For questions about GPS Pathways, reach out to one of our mentors, or email

Marquise Bell (Pathways Mentor)
Marquise Bell

Pathways Mentor | Mechanical Engineering

Amoi Campbell (Pathways Mentor)
Amoi Campbell

Pathways Mentor | Ecology & Evolutionary Biolgy

Modeline Celestin (Pathways Mentor)
Modeline Celestin

Pathways Mentor

Vanessa Espinoza (GPS Staff)
Vanessa Espinoza

GPS Team | Postdoctoral Associate

Eric Gomez (Pathways Mentor)
Eric Gomez

Pathways Mentor | Chemistry

Tia Gray (Pathways Mentor)
Tia Gray

Pathways Mentor | Materials Science & NanoEngineering

Jennifer Hunter (GPS Team)
Jennifer Hunter

GPS Team | Assistant Dean

Asha Jones (Pathways Mentor)
Asha Jones

Pathways Mentor | Political Science

Armeshia Love (GPS Team)
Armeshia Love

GPS Team | Administrative Assistant

Sophia Martinez-Abbud (Pathways Mentor)
Sophia Martinez-Abbud

Pathways Mentor | English

Seiichi Matsuda (GPS Team)
Seiichi Matsuda

GPS Team | Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Makai Ruffin (Pathways Mentor)
Makai Ruffin

Pathways Mentor | Psychological Sciences

Ashanti Sallee (Pathways Mentor)
Ashanti Sallee

Pathways Mentor | Materials Science & NanoEngineering

Taylor Smith (GPS Team)
Taylor Smith

GPS Team | Student Development and Recruitment Administrator

Olivia Suggs (Pathways Mentor)
Olivia Suggs

Pathways Mentor | Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Daziyah Sullivan (Pathways Mentor)
Daziyah Sullivan

Pathways Mentor | Mechanical Engineering

Kayla Vokt (Pathways Mentor)
Kayla Vokt

Pathways Mentor | Electrical and Computer Engineering

Marques Zarate (Pathways Mentor)
Marques Zarate

Pathways Mentor | Political Science