GPS Directory


Seiichi Matsuda

Dr. Seiichi Matsuda, Dean of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Oversight of graduate programs.

Kate Cross

Kate Cross, Assistant Dean


Administration of GPS office and new initiatives.

Kim Gonzalez

Dr. Kim Gonzalez, Director of Student Advancement and Career Development 

Engages graduate students and postdocs in fellowship opportunities and developmental activities that will help prepare and plan for their initial placement upon leaving Rice and future career paths.

Belinda Mass

Belinda Mass, Financial Aid and Systems Manager 


Stipends, graduate student payroll, tuition waivers, fellowships, medical insurance subsidies, reduced rate tuition, and away status.

Bridgitt Dickey

Bridgitt Dickey, Admissions and Enrollment Manager

Admissions process, GradAdmit, academic progress, enrollment status, and degree conferral.

Pia Byrd

Pia Byrd, Student Support Specialist

Graduate student affairs, graduate events coordination and dean's calendar.

Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter, Communications and Visibility Strategy Specialist

Promotes visibility of Rice graduate programs and students as well as opportunities for graduate students at Rice.

Symphonie Swift

Symphonie Swift, Department Coordinator and Student Groups Specialist

Thesis submission, auditing postdoc degree verification, graduate student community development, special projects.